Our Calling

The Uliana Foundation originated from the maner how Uliana Basement-Kovach was in life. Despite all the adversities and difficulties in her life, Uliana, regardless of his or her origins, was ready for her fellow man. The mission we got as humans of our Lord Jesus Christ, to love the other as He loves us, was something she carried out in her daily life. As a rehabilitation therapist she helped, with the help of horses, disabled people to develop both physically and mentally.But also for seemingly simple things, such as shopping for someone who can not do this herself, she was ready to help.

Unfortunately Uliana was 35 years of age prematurely snatched from life. Uliana and her husband got to know each other in her homeland Ukraine, both were active in the relief aid. In order to continue her good work, and also to bring good things from her death, the Uliana Foundation was founded.

Our Approach
The Uliana Foundation supports local projects, mainly focused on the 4 mission points. The foundation supports local institutions both financially and in the field of project support. All projects are monitored and monitored by the foundation, for example: financial control, progress and maintenance.